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The versatility of vinyl banners, whether displayed horizontally or vertically, indoors or out, make them the ideal choice for just about any message you wish to advertise.

Bold vinyl banners draw attention from a distance, promoting new products and special pricing programs. Expert installation ensures your banner receives the proper attention it deserves. It's important to have a clear understanding of what message you want to convey before you start designing your customised banner.


Keep in mind the location you choose to hang your customised banner greatly influences how easily its message will reach your target audience. If you intend to hang your customised banners somewhere that people pass by quickly, the message must be clear and succinct or it will be ignored. That's where our standard banners shine! what goals you want to accomplish with it.

Our banner material is very durable 13oz material that has a 1 inch seam along the top and bottom (no sewing) with grommets on those seams every 2 feet. It is well suited for interior and exterior usage because of its flexibility and weather resistant capabilities. Also great for easy storage and shipping.

An optimal length for a message that will be read quickly is only 5-8 words. But if your banner is going to be hung in a place where people can view it for an extended period of time (like a corporate event) you can include more information... and that's where you might want a more complex full colour banner.

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